Monday, September 24, 2012

Laminating the appearance of coated paper cups

Some food companies began to polyethylene coated Paper Drink Cup, paper packaging to increase the barrier and sealing. As much higher than the melting point of polyethylene wax, the use of this material coating the new drink cups, containers can be ideally used for hot drinks, to solve the melt due to coating materials affect product quality issues. Meanwhile, the polyethylene wax coating over the original paint smooth, improve the appearance of paper cups. In addition, the processing technology is also used latex coating method than the cheaper, faster.

Ink should have bright colors, good printability, drying speed of the right. Furthermore, it should have a certain solvent, acid, alkali, water, light, heat and other aspects of the application of indicators. With Printing Greeting Cards, paper and other requirements higher and higher, the technical conditions required for the ink also increased. Such as modern high-speed multi-color rotary press printing and colored require ink to a few seconds or even faster drying.

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